Pies & Tarts

  • keylime

    Keylime Pie $5.00

    The perfect amount of sweet and tang, with a graham cracker crust. The perfect size to share with a friend… or not.

  • cheesecake-real

    Cheesecake $4.00

    Every week we feature a different cheesecake flavor. Pictured here is a Nutella cheesecake with a fresh strawberry on top. BOOM!

  • galette

    Fresh fruit Galette $4.50

    A hand-formed mini pie with a flaky crust and filled with seasonal fresh fruit.

  • tart-sq

    Vegan & Gluten Free Tart by the Slice $4.50

    Made fresh with seasonal flavors and always vegan and gluten free. Come in and be pleasantly surprised with what they’ve whipped up this week.

  • buttermilk

    Buttermilk Pie $4.00

    A flakey homemade crust filled with a buttermilk custard and a rotating selection of seasonal berries. Blueberry, Strawberry, and Blackberry have all made appearances.

Cookies & Bars

  • ginger

    Ginger Molasses Cookie $1.75

    A perfect mix of sweet molasses & a spicy kick of ginger and totally vegan to boot.

  • chocholate-chip

    Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.75

    Who can say no to this perfect classic. Nobody! So come on in and get one!

  • macaroon

    Macaroon $1.75

    Packed with coconut, white chocolate, and seasonal citrus zest. For those that are nutty for coconut and aiming for something that is naturally gluten free.

  • pp-cc

    Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.75

    A vegan and gluten free take on the classic. A fan favorite.

  • coffeecake

    Vegan & Gluten Free Coffee Cake $3.00

    Featuring a rotating cast of seasonal flavors and totally worth every bite!

  • blondie

    Chai Spice Blondie $2.75

    The name really says it all. It’s not always around but when it shows up, it always disappears quick.

  • vegan-brownie

    Brownie $2.75

    We have two varieties of Brownies usually on tap for you chocolate fans, Either a Vegan Walnut Brownie or a Gluten Free Cream Cheese Swirl Brownie.

  • stressel-bar

    Oatmeal Streusel Bar $2.75

    Who needs cliff when you have one of these tasty bars? Made with a rotating cast of seasonal fruit preserves and always vegan!

  • magic-bar

    Magic Bar $2.75

    Chocolate Chips, Coconut, Pecans, Graham Cracker, and held together with Magic Caramel. It’s also magically vegan!

  • peanut-butter-bar

    Vegan Peanut Butter Bar $2.75

    For fans of peanut butter cups that don’t want that pesky dairy. Super tasty and we never have any leftover.


  • cupcakes

    Cupcakes $2.75

    We don’t typically stock cupcakes, but sometimes we’ll surprise ya! You can certainly special order these fellas and we can make them traditional, or vegan & gluten free. Flavors include Coconut Lime, Almond Green Tea, Chocolate peanut butter, and many more!

  • bundt

    Bundt Cake by the Slice $2.75

    Bundt Cakes make there seasonal appearance starting in the fall. Flavors have included Lemon Ginger, Coconut Lime, Double Chocolate Raspberry, and Amaretto Cinnamon Swirl. You can also order up whole Bundt Cakes on our holiday menus.

  • tres

    Cake by the Slice $4.00

    We specialize in making custom cakes to order (check out the special occasions menu!), but every once in while we will have a cake for you to enjoy in the shop or on the go. Pictured here is an incredible Tres Leches Cake!